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    Leasing Forklift

    Clients are able to find appropriate forklifts for their short/long term work by leasing forklift confidently from Delta.

    Delta detects needs of customers’ stacking correctly with experience for 30 years and knowledge in sector

    Through leasing, the budget of clients’ for warehouse equipments remains stable during agreement period. By this, clients are able to plan their annual plans more correctly and able to avoid unexpected maintenance costs.

    Clients are able to find quick solutions for their extra equipment demands with affordable costs by not forcing their budgets within the period.

    Advantages of Leasing from Delta


    • Clients are able to increase their productivity with appropriate equipments for their work by leasing from Delta’s fleet with many options.
    • Clients are able to have their expenses under control by leasing from Delta.
    • Clients are able to provide tax advantage by recognizing the rental expenses.
    • Clients are able to move with their planned budget through periodic service, maintenance and repair within in the scope of service and fixed fees. Therefore surprise costs are avoided.
    • Clients are able to work with minimum number of equipments/machines with maximum efficiency.
    • Clients are able to meet their needs faultlessly with Delta’s company-specific solutions.
    • Clients are able to have working flexibility easily without considering maintenance costs.
    • Clients are able to relief their seasonal work-load with extra equipments/machines.
    • Delta follows up clients’ equipments/machines on behalf of its clients so that clients can increase their efficiencies up to max level.
    • Clients are able to increase productivities of their works, and decrease both investment costs and hazard ratios.
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